Bring the Faith to Life for Students

Engage middle and high school students more deeply and interactively with CATHOLICISM School Enrichment.  Bring students around the world and deep into the Faith with Bishop Barron, a trusted source of authentic Church teaching whom Cardinal Francis George has called “one of the Church's best messengers."

Word on Fire has partnered with the Archdiocese of New York to create 46 video vignettes and companion lesson plans, drawing from the award-winning CATHOLICISM series and the vast expertise of twelve New York teachers.  These materials can be used creatively by any teacher to enhance core religion curriculum in middle or high school, and bring the beauty, truth, and goodness of the Faith more vividly into the classroom.

During the pilot in the New York schools, these materials improved class participation and supported teachers with new and exciting content.  Designed as a virtual tool-kit, teachers can easily use these materials and share them with students directly in the classroom or via a link for one-to-one technology or at-home use. High School materials follow the USCCB framework and Middle School materials fit virtually any diocesan curriculum.

CATHOLICISM School Enrichment is available as an annual, digital subscription at different licensing levels (individual teacher/catechist, up to six teachers/catechists, or up to 12 teachers/catechists). The videos stream from the Internet and the written materials are provided in PDF format for downloading or sharing with your students via a link. 

For questions, please contact Peggy Pandaleon at ppandaleon@wordonfire.org.




Grade 6 Sample


Grade 8 Sample


Grade 10 Sample



Click on the appropriate links below to open or download the files. On a PC you can right click on the link and select “Save Target As" (Internet Explorer) or “Save Link As" (Firefox) to download to your computer.

     Middle School Curriculum Table of Contents



     High School Curriculum Table of Contents


     Sample Lesson Plan for Grade 6: "Moses and the Exodus"



     Sample Video for Grade 6: "Moses and the Exodus"

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     Sample Lesson Plan for Grade 8: "Heresies and Councils"



      Sample Video for Grade 8: "Heresies and Councils"

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     Sample Lesson Plan for Grade 10: "The Resurrection"



      Sample Video for Grade 10: "The Resurrection"

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     Bishop Barron Bio



CATHOLICISM: School Enrichment received high marks based on a recent survey among educators in the Archdiocese of New York.  91% of users would recommend it to others, and all appreciated the quality of the material, especially the videos.  On average, all lessons were rated “very helpful” and “easy to use”.




“Students need witnesses more than anything.  Through CATHOLICISM, Bishop Barron witnesses to the faith and the beauty of the faith and the attractiveness of the faith.   The way the series is presented responds to students' deepest desires for beauty and truth, and ultimately for Christ."

- Paige Sanchez
Associate Superintendent for Mission Effectiveness, Archdiocese of New York

“Bishop Barron has a great way of showing his compassion for his faith.  His truthfulness comes out in the way he presents himself.  He's not a phony and the children can spot a phony a mile away.  They love him and they love listening to his stories."

- Doreen Lopez
8th Grade Teacher, St. Margaret Mary School

“Bishop Barron helps us learn more by the way he expresses himself.  I feel like he's talking right to me and I understand more than from a textbook."

- Kerwin Gonzalez
8th grade student, St. Margaret Mary School

CATHOLICISM never shies away from inviting its viewers to answer the call to sainthood.  A lot of my students were surprised to learn that the saints were real people and that they're supposed to become saints too."

- Timothy Sennett
Religion Teacher, St. Joseph by the Sea High School

“CATHOLICISM Enrichment is a wonderful package that offers visuals, assessments, activities and projects.  For teachers who are already very busy and stretched for time and resources, it is a very easy way to implement something new into the curriculum."

- Kaija DeWitt
Director of Campus Ministry and Religion Teacher, Xavier High School

“It's really valuable that it was created by teachers for teachers.  Teachers know what works and what doesn't; what students are into and what they don't like.  These are materials that actual classroom teachers can really use. When we want to use audio or video things to go beyond the textbook, we have a tendency to go to YouTube, Google or wherever, and you often wonder where this stuff comes from.  CATHOLICISM Enrichment is real, legitimate and factual information, not some quackish YouTube video.  I can trust the source.  I trust Bishop Barron."

- Michael Mule
Religion Teacher, Xavier High School, NYC